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THE WEATHER: The Virgin Islands have some of the nicest weather in the world. Temperatures range from the low 80's in January and February, to the low 90's in July and August. The ever-present trade winds moderate the temperature, while the humidity is relatively low. "Winter" air temperatures can get a bit cool, so think about a light sweater or jacket for when you exit the water. This is the time of year when we can't keep our long sleeve Coki Beach T-shirts in stock!

From August to October, we are subject to an occasional tropical storm or hurricane. The rest of the year is dominated by the easterly trade winds and weather out of Africa. From November to April, our weather is periodically, but briefly, affected by cold fronts passing through with rough seas and rain. (If you like to surf, we have some excellent surf spots).

THE WATER: The water is turquoise blue and always pleasant, ranging from 78°F in the Winter to 86°F in the Summer.

WETSUITS: Even in the Winter, most people do not use wetsuits. We recommend a 2-3 mm wetsuit but it all depends on personal comfort. If you would like to use one, we have them available in the dive shop to rent. In the Summer, we recommend only a T-shirt, a lycra skin or a 2 mm shortie.

Remember that even though the weather is generally wonderful here, conditions can change for short periods.

/_uploaded_files/coki-002.jpgBAD WEATHER: On rare occasions, the weather may be too stormy or the water is too rough to enjoy diving. If there is a question on the weather, just give us a call from the dock or your hotel prior to coming out. Most phone services work on the island, as well as Puerto Rico. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile don't charge a roaming fee, however Verizon Wireless does.

Our local phone number is 340-775-4220 and our toll free phone number is 800-474-2654.

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